About George (Sir Thorney)

Hi, my name is George, & I live in Southampton (UK).

I have been an online marketing professional for just over 8 years.

Whilst I’ve completed online marketing for companies of a variety of sizes & industries – from local pizzerias, to national manufacturers – my biggest successes have been in the home improvement sector.

I’m an absolute nerd for everything business & marketing related. I’m constantly trying to expand my knowledge. I love looking into all types of businesses to better understand their growth, how they survive & potential issues with their service.

What I’ve done in the past

  • Achieved a 44x ROAS with affiliate marketing.
  • Successfully created or have been involved in creating multiple brands which have achieved 5, 6 & 7 figures in annual turnover with little to no startup investment.
  • Helped tens of businesses increase their revenue through marketing that works.
  • Owner of 0 supercars.
  • Made a TikTok which grew to 100k followers in 21 days.
  • Designed websites with bespoke systems to boost productivity.
  • Guided clients on market opportunities currently undervalued by competitors.
  • Helped a charity have their most successful fundraising event in 70 years.
  • Wrote 3 books about marketing… Only 2 weren’t good!

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