Hello, Again.

Around 2012 I started a gaming blog and ran it for the following 6 years. Over those 6 years, the amount of content I put on the site fluctuated immensely, peaking in 2015 when I began realising that writing professionally was a viable career choice for my future, and when I had the most free time (I was in college at the time).

In the following year I began working with my brother on our marketing agency, with a couple of the main services being blogging and SEO.

As I began to write professionally I realised 2 things:

  1. Blogging is not the most cost-effective way of marketing a business, and it’s actually quite challenging to do it correctly.
  2. Updating a gaming blog with regular content is really difficult and boring when you just spent 8 hours of your day writing articles about toilets.

In 2017 the amount of content I began releasing on my gaming blog began to drop, and when I did write an article it wasn’t always todo with gaming. The website became a mess, and additionally someone began a YouTube channel using my website’s name which really annoyed me.

My gaming blog felt like a chore to update, and the content was an unpleasant reminder of my initial failures within blogging and SEO. Additionally, having all my opinions about serious issues stamped with “gaming blog” made me feel silly.

A lot of lessons have been learnt since then, and I actually have found a lot of success within SEO and marketing.

So I decided to start again, and completely removed my old writing from the internet so I can share my experiences over the last few years (within marketing, blogging, startup companies etc) so others can learn from them.

So… Hello, again.

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