Google’s next innovation should be within its customer support.

If you ask someone what the leading brands in technology currently are, they’ll probably mention Apple & Google. At this point, you can barely mention one without the other, despite the two acting as very different figures within their industry.

Google has always been seen as the inventor, the first to make strides within technology; the brand that dares to take the risks. Whereas Apple is often regarded as the innovator; taking growing ideas within the industry and making them appealing to mass markets.

Of course when we talk about Google being this reckoning force within their industry, we don’t actually mean Google, we’re actually talking about Alphabet Inc – the company that owns Google.

Whilst Google is the origin of all the companies underneath Alphabet Inc’s belt; accrediting it for Alphabet Inc’s achievements within the last few years is like attributing a child’s good grades to his deceased great grandfather.

Nowadays, Google is just Google; the search engine and advertising platform.

Google is a strange company. On one hand, its advertising solutions are unparalleled. On the other hand, its customer support and the business behind the advertising platform are awful.

Do you know what Apple has that Google doesn’t? Good customer support.

Insult Apple all you like, but when there’s an issue with one of their devices they’re very accommodating and helpful. Along with their marketing, it’s one of the main reasons they’re so loved.

Google’s customer support, however, is shit.

I have a Google Ads manager account with around 15 client accounts currently within it. Considering I have a manager account, you’d assume I’d have 1 Google representative for the whole thing? You thought wrong! I have about 10.

And what do these Google representatives do exactly? Well, they constantly harass my customers (who are listed as billing email only, not to be contacted), and also phone me with advice that is completely irrelevant to the client’s advertising.

I currently have an email thread with 6 different Google reps trying to get them to assign 1 representative for all my accounts. The emails have been ongoing for 3 months with no progress.

To put it simply, Google employ people who are uninterested in their job. To them, it’s no different to working in any other call centre. Stick to the script, end the call, move on to the next customer; hardly the kind of quality you’d expect from the second biggest name within technology.

In 2018, Google made $27.77 billion in advertising revenue. Aside from giving their UI’s a lick of paint last year, I have no idea what Google have changed using that astonishing amount of money.

For a company that screams about quality products and ground breaking innovation; Google are hypocrites. Outside of their marketing department; they’re lazy, uninterested morons who have stopped caring about their company because twats like me keep pumping money into it.

Alphabet Inc are changing the world with their innovative businesses, and should take the time to revisit ol’ faithful grandpa Google. Maybe give him some love, kill that disgusting disease of a customer support department and replace it with something that actually works.

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