Pet Sematary Review: Supernatural horror meets paternal fears.

In my opinion, Pet Sematary hits every target for a horror movie.

Interesting use of supernatural themes, a great representation of mental health terrors, and clever use of the everyday fears we all experience; Pet Sematary manages to encapsulate them all with ease.

I’ve experienced a countless amount of horror movies that struggle to balance a good storyline with scaring the audience. For Pet Sematary to juggle all of these themes without feeling disjointed is a pleasant surprise.

From the opening credits to the closing scene, the film continuously provides non-stop suspense. Interestingly, the majority of this comes from the everyday fears of the characters. Whether it’s not knowing where your child has disappeared, handling an aggressive pet, or dealing with mental health issues alongside looking after your family; the film makes these scenes tense and interesting to watch.

Pet Sematary does such a good job of creating horror around these everyday struggles, that when more “conventional” horror themes are introduced in the final chapter of the movie it seems dull in comparison.

I initially walked out the movie disappointed by its ending. Whilst I stand by that feeling, I’ve concluded that this was due to the ending being more conventional than the rest of film. Even though these scenes were well-done, the rest of the movie felt so fresh and unique in comparison it felt like a drop of quality.

I’m giving Pet Sematary 5 undead kitties out of 5, and think it’s the most interesting horror film of 2019 so far (sorry, Us).


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