Unicorn Store Review: Not very magical.

Initially I was excited by Netflix’s new original movie Unicorn Store. The trailers seemed fun, and the first 25 minutes of Unicorn Store were reminiscent of Sorry To Bother You‘s dystopian world.

The film takes a mirror and shows audiences the unpleasant reality of adulthood as it drags the main character (Kit) and her childhood innocence through the process of being forced into working life.

There’s several points where the film takes aim at real life concepts or social issues, parodying them and making the audience acknowledge their flaws. It’s smart, and very relatable.

I enjoyed these opening 25 minutes, however the film takes an unpleasant turn following Kit entering “The Store”. After this, Kit begins her preparations for adopting a unicorn.

Somehow the film loses all sense of magic once the concept of unicorns is introduced into Kit’s life.

It stops providing commentary on real issues, and focuses more on Kit’s embarrassing inability to socialise and grasp adult responsibilities.

Occasionally there are moments where it seems like Unicorn Store is going to take a stance on ethically difficult issues (such as ignoring work place sexual harassment to benefit your own career), but instead simply acknowledges its existence and never really provides a satisfying conclusion.

I give Unicorn Store 2 unicorns out of a possible 5. It would only receive 1, but the opening 25 minutes of the movie are actually very impressive.


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