The unclear future of social media.

Social media exploded online for one reason; freedom of speech.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube gave everyone the chance to share their opinions to the world; a luxury that was previously only afforded to journalists and celebrities.

However the social media landscape has now matured, and we’ve quickly realised that whilst social media gave everyone a voice, some of these voices are saying things we don’t want to hear. And, in response to this, we’ve started to see social media change.

Twitter has removed content and political groups, YouTube no longer promotes independent creators, and Tumblr banned nudity (not a huge loss there).

Additionally, almost all these social media sites no longer operate by showing you “newest content” first, and will instead show recommended content based on your online activity.

The end result is censorship; you’ll only be able to create content on what the social media site wants you to, or your content won’t be visible to your followers.

This might be scary, or perhaps it’s just the natural progression of the internet, with conventional social media dying and these websites becoming platforms for approved creators to share to their audience.

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