An update on the Sir Thorney book(s?).

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The Amazon version of the book (in both paperback and on Kindle) will differ from the digital version. Due to Amazon’s restrictive publishing capabilities, I will not be able to include the illustrations or unique page designs that the version will include.

That being said, the Amazon version will be longer than the digital version (to justify the higher price), although a lot of this additional content will be subjects/advice that have already been featured on this for free.

Whilst the book began as an essay on the misconceptions of online marketing, it’s quickly become a comprehensive guide to market research and online advertising.

For the e-guide I’m selling off of, I’m trying to provide a visual experience for readers. The guide will have a bold and vibrant design that will provide a clear discourse for readers when flicking through on their phone, tablet or computer screen.

Edit, 25/06: Both versions of the website will now give you access to a section of with links to resources to help with market research and marketing.

I will also be releasing a short story, called Bench.

Bench will be a free download from, but will be available for purchase from Amazon as well in paperback and on Kindle.

Bench is a short story I wrote during the peak of my mental health breakdown a few years ago, and is a fictional crime story.

Edit, 25/06: Bench was scheduled to be live on SirThorney by the end of June, but I will be delaying its release indefinitely (it will be released within 2019, though). As with every project I work on, I want to release it in a quality that I can be proud of. This week and until it’s completed, Pretty Isn’t Good Enough will be my sole focus. Whilst I’m still excited to release Bench, its release can wait until I’m ready to work on it again.

Bench will be free from

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