An update on upcoming Sir Thorney content…

Last Friday, my 7 year old MacBook Pro finally decided to cough its last breath. A frustrating, unexpected turn of events considering it has never lagged or crashed before.

Annoyingly, Friday evening was also going to be when I made the final changes to the digital copy of my upcoming book, Pretty Isn’t Good Enough, and hopefully get some of the paperback version completed. However, this couldn’t happen because of my Mac dying.

Whilst I’ve since been able to make some changes to the digital version of the book, the paperback version has been delayed because of the event.

As you can imagine, this has also made it difficult to release articles. Initially I had several articles planned for this month, including a couple in which I would explain the process of creating a book and how it changed over time. However, because the paperback version is not complete, I’m yet to finish this article.

I am still hoping to release all versions of the book by the end of July, but this is not a guarantee.

I’m sure you, my subscribers and viewers, don’t mind that the release has been delayed, but I felt guilty not disclosing that the release could have changed.

Both versions of the book are shaping up very nicely, and I’m excited to release them.

Additionally, the articles I had intended to create around the publishing process could be useful for anyone interested in independently publishing their own books.

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