When to use device bid adjustments in PPC advertising.

When working on your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign, you might encounter the device bid adjustment options. So when should you utilise this tool?

Each device has a different usage.

Generally speaking, computers are where people are more actively looking to solve an issue or purchase a product. If someone is looking at your landing page from a computer, there’s a good chance they’re deep in researching your service/product and are ready to get in touch with a company who can help them.

Additionally, people who are using their computer during the daytime are likely at work. Meaning if you’re a company that deals with commercial clients, bid adjustments for computers are a very wise idea.

Very rarely will computers have a lower conversion rate than mobile or tablet. Because of this, I would never suggest using the bid adjustment tool to decrease bids on computers.

Increasing computer bid adjustments; good for landing pages selling a product or service, perfect for commercial industries.

Mobile users are generally in 2 states of mind:

  1. Looking for a company who can act quickly. For example, emergency repair services.
  2. Casually browsing content, not looking to necessarily commit to entering in their contact details or purchasing.

It’s important to establish which state of mind mobile users are in when viewing your website.

Of course, if your company offers an emergency service, it’s worth turning on bid adjustments to capitalise off of the immediacy that mobile offers (from browsing ads to phoning your business, all on the same device).

However if your mobile user is just browsing, potentially you should use the bid adjustment tool to decrease bids on mobiles. However, if users can download brochures or you’re providing additional material for them to browse by putting their details in, it might be worth increasing bids because mobile users are more liberal with entering in their details for this additional content.

Increasing mobile bid adjustments; perfect for emergency services, cautious with other types of content.

Mobile and tablet users are very similar in use.

In theory, tablet users should have more in common with computer users; but this is not the case This is likely due to the lack of keyboard and the reduced screen size.

Of course, tablets don’t have the immediate call-to-action that mobiles do, so generally speaking users will just be browsing content.

As a result, there’s rarely a time to increase bid adjustments for tablets, resulting in me often not targeting them when I’m working with a limited budget.

Whilst this is a dry article in comparison to my usual writing, device bid adjustments are something I’ve been using a lot recently to help clients with a limited budget. Whilst it might be relatively obvious knowledge, very rarely do other advertiser share these small snippets of information, so I thought I would.

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