In 2019, you don’t need to make a product to sell it.

Over the last year I’ve been helping a client build a furniture company. One of the most intriguing things about the brand’s initial launch was the lack of product imagery we were working with.

Of the 9 products initially featured on the website, we had only produced 5 of them. 2 of those 5 products had been created once prior to the brand launch. Despite this, the website was full of images showing each product in various styles and in different projects. We did this by creating photorealistic renders, as opposed to manufacturing the products and taking photos of them.

Following the launch, I began to notice how many other brands have done exactly the same thing and it surprised me.

For example, a lot of the photos on IKEA’s website may look like real rooms they’ve created, but the majority of these images are photorealistic renders.

Whilst an initially scary concept for consumers, the possibilities that these images create for aspiring business owners is infinite.

If you’re interested in creating and selling a product, it’s easier than ever. Not only do you save costs on manufacturing, but this also helps reduce the upfront commitment of potentially paying for 50 of your products to be created with no way of knowing if they’ll sell.

Instead, you can simply render the product (making sure the design can be manufactured) and market it, testing if it will sell enough to mass produce and judging how consumers react to the product.

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