Automated PPC Marketing; Can an AI provide effective marketing?

Google are very excited about their automated marketing tools in Google Ads. During my Google partner exam, around 70% of the answers Google wanted me to express were in favour of their automated campaigns.

But as an advertiser, is it wise for me to hand control over to an AI? If you work in advertising, probably not. But if you’re a small business owner who tries to manage their own advertising, automated advertising could provide a cost and time-effective alternative.

When should you use an AI?

Realistically the best time to use an AI is when you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage your own marketing campaign, but also don’t have the budget to pay a marketing company to handle it for you.

Through machine learning the AI will try to deliver cost-effective leads or sales for your company, whilst you focus on doing the actual work.

What can’t an AI do?

First thing you need to understand about an AI is that they don’t understand intent. As humans, we can decipher connotations and understand what search terms are more likely to lead to a sale. Because of this, a human operated advertising campaign will tend to deliver a better quality of lead.

Whereas an AI ran campaign will equally value people asking FAQs to an actual lead, or advertise for searches relating exclusively to your business (who would have got in touch regardless of the ad appearing).

Additionally, AIs will tend to prioritise quantity of quality. Meaning an AI will probably just focus on cheaper services/products that get the most searches, as opposed to more expensive ones that receive less searches per month; potentially not covering the cost of advertising.

You can’t talk to the AI either to explain these things either. If you’re finding the quality of leads or sales aren’t what you expected, you can’t talk to the AI about adjusting your marketing strategy. Instead you have two options; turn the advertising campaign off, or put up with the lacklustre results.

If a person is doing your campaign, you can talk with them and explore your options for adjusting the advertising strategy.

In conclusion…

As proud as Google are in their ability to provide effective automated marketing solutions, it still doesn’t live up to the quality of human controlled advertising. As a solution for small business owners with a limited advertising budget, though, automated advertising could help take some stress away.

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