The blessing of creative freedom

When I was in college, I spent as much time on my gaming blog as possible. Writing articles, SEO, audience acquisition, and so on; I was addicted to the process of growing my brand. Unfortunately, since this was my first venture into online marketing, my efforts were relatively unsuccessful, but the freedom to attempt all of these without interference was an important part of my learning process.

To an extent, I see myself in a similar position now.

With my blog, my books and my other small projects, I find myself having the opportunity to simply create and experiment without needing to worry about any consequences.

Many of my best creative moments have happened when given this freedom, and many of my most spectacular failures too; but even they have become blessings in disguise in the long run through hindsight.

I thought I’d share my optimism following the start of the decade, and wish everyone well.

I’ve been writing a behemoth of an article discussing the first book I ever published (which wasn’t actually written by me) and how I would approach the book if I was to attempt it again. Really looking forward to sharing this article (and the others living in my draft pile) very soon.

By the way, if you haven’t already, buy my newest book The Influencer Bubble from or

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