Q&A: Are there Google Ads coupons that don’t require an upfront payment?

This question was sent earlier this month from Jamie, who asked, “do you know where I can get Google promotional credit without having to spend money? All I can find is ones that will match your spending.”

Unfortunately (as far as I am aware) Google doesn’t offer this type of coupon, so yes the only coupons available are the ones matching your spend.

Realistically, this is because Google knows that if a novice uses Google Ads they probably will blow their first £100 quite easily. Their coupons act as customer retention tool. So when you blow the first £75 on ads, you won’t immediately stop using Google Ads because you just earned your £75 in credit. Following receiving your £75 credit and spending it (now at £150 in Google Ads spend technically), you’ve probably received a few enquiries or sales (unless your ads are shit), so you’re now more likely stick around to spend money on advertising.

By doing this, Google is able to make people spend around twice as much money before leaving than they would otherwise. A bit manipulative, but also pretty smart on their part.

Thanks for your question Jamie, hopefully Google will chuck some “no upfront payment” coupons my way in a future brand deal and I’ll send you one (we can only dream).

If you have a question about online advertising, feel free to ask below!

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