Q&A: Connecting on Facebook

This question was sent yesterday by Kemigisa who asks:

“I have failed to connect on Facebook and I don’t know why?”


It’s difficult to analyse why your Facebook page is failing to generate the desired results without seeing it, but I’ll just give some broad advice to try and help.

Of all the social medias I would say that Facebook is one of the least effective for organic growth.

If you’re a brand that has an existing following, Facebook is really useful, but creating a following using Facebook can be a bit of a headache.

Sometimes it’s simple and effective, but for a lot of brands I see it’s a struggle. They can post high-quality content regularly and it just ends up circulating to the same people each time. To say the least, it’s extremely annoying, and from my experience there aren’t any magic fixes.

Some advertisers would suggest joining groups as your Facebook page and posting content (if the group seems like your target demographic), or engaging with bigger pages to try and absorb some of their following. It’s an okay idea, but requires a lot work for not particularly great results.

Ultimately the best way to create engagement on Facebook is through their advertising platform.

Let me be clear, not by “boosting” Facebook posts, that’s a fools’ game, you want to be using Facebook Ads Manager.

Through Ads Manager you can select what platforms you want to advertise on (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, and others), create an advert or select from an existing post on your Facebook page, and promote it with whatever budget you have. You can select from a variety of different campaign goals, including reach, engagement, impressions and link clicks. Additionally, Facebook offer tools to narrow down your ideal demographic for the advertising.

If people engage with your advert or post, you can then invite them to like your page which will help increase your organic results.

It’s not an ideal solution as it does require spending money (which is annoying when you’re growing and not making a lot of money), but Facebook Ads are much more affordable than other advertising solutions.

Hope this helps!

My new book is right around the corner, and looks like it will be released at the beginning of July. Those that have read it provided really positive feedback, and I’m hoping it’s received as well as the previous book!

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