CCN’s magic SEO sauce

Following my not so recent article about journalism and harassment, I thought I would do a follow up article about one of the entities included in that article.

CCN is a website that I’d never encountered before until they began appearing all over Google thanks to their articles slagging off PewDiePie. This was the catalyst for my article about journalism and harassment, as it was clear that CCN were exploiting Google Discover and harassing PewDiePie for the sake of advertising revenue.

CCN are no different to most news websites in 2020, but unlike their peers CCN offer an SEO service for other struggling news companies to help them replicate their success.

This is apparently following them losing their ranking on Google (which was a result of their bad SEO work according to other websites and blogs), and now managing to turn it around again. So, they’ve decided that they’ll share their secret sauce in return of a pretty penny.

The thing is, CCN isn’t doing anything particularly groundbreaking. As much as they’d like to pretend they’re doing revolutionary journalism and SEO work, the truth is that they’re no different to any other trash tabloid website.

Almost all of their articles are simply based on whatever is trending. Either regurgitating information from other news websites, or putting a negative spin on the subject matter.

Oh, Zayn Malik is trending this week? Better poop out an article about how One Direction was trash with his name in the title.

Oh, ‘coronavirus party’ is trending? Better create a knockoff Buzzfeed article about it.

And so on…

The truth is, CCN don’t have a magic sauce. Their tips and tricks can probably be found on the Moz blog for free.

Ultimately their dated website design, spammy article distribution and disruptive advertising placement will likely result in them losing their ranking again.

It’s easy to claim you know all the secrets of how to boost your website traffic when you’re having a good few months, but realistically you never know for certain, and you certainly don’t know if your strategies will continue to work into the future.

CCN even admit this on their website, claiming you shouldn’t listen to SEO experts, just before promoting their own SEO service.

If you have a question about marketing, please submit your question and I’ll respond in an article:

The new book is slowly coming together. It’s going to take much longer than any of my previous releases, but hopefully it will reflect in the book’s quality.

This week I secured my first interview for the book, with YouTuber Brian Jung helping provide valuable insight into the credit industry and the brands within it.

That’s all I can say for now, but stay tuned for more updates!

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