How to use micro-blogging for your brand πŸ“

I recently attempted an experiment and blogged 159 times in the space of around 1.5 months. The articles were extremely short (averaging 99 words per post), and were about a range of subjects… Literally anything that came to my head which I thought was worth covering.

Here’s a few examples of the articles:

I chose to make the website design a bit tongue in cheek, and go for a “fugly” vibe.

So, what did we find out?

Specifically on WordPress, micro-blogging is great for immediate organic reach πŸ‘‹

I do all of my personal websites on (click here to get your $25 WordPress credit), which doubles as sort of a social media platform. The social media side of WordPress comes from being able to subscribe and interact with other WordPress blogs, with articles from blogs you subscribe to featuring in your “reader”. Additionally, you can follow and search for topics.

The more content you produce, the more likely someone will see your posts. Talking about nichΓ© topics that are popular in small communities but not global events generally gain more traction.

The majority of my initial website traffic came from the WordPress reader, so I guess micro-blogging is a good way to immediately gain some form of traction.

Smash out product/service FAQs through micro-blogging early on πŸ’₯

If you have time, micro-blogging all the potential FAQs someone may have about your products or services will be a great way to potentially rank on Google in the future.

FAQs don’t need to be long articles, they can just be short and to the point.

From a consumer perspective, if they’re able to find your brand whilst looking up an FAQ, it definitely helps provide credibility and increase their chances of converting either immediately or in the future.

Micro-blogging is probably more effective than longer articles 🀑

I love SirThorney. However, I really don’t run it in the best way possible.

My experiment definitely taught me that the best way for me to have grown SirThorney would have been through micro-blogging on a daily-basis, as opposed to a longer article once a week or even less frequently.

I don’t plan on changing the frequency of my articles output, but the blogs I made on Business Bobs are already getting traction on search engines despite their length. So early into SirThorney I could have done more articles at shorter length, without compromising on the website SEO.

Niches over everything πŸ“

If you do choose to micro-blog, I think it’s important to focus on one niche as opposed to trying to cover as many topics as possible. That way the website has more content for the viewer to read that is specific to their interests, as opposed to them then dropping off because they came to read about boxing and the other content was focused on ballet.

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