3 tips to improve your PPC ads 🖱️

Spending money on PPC ads? Here are 5 easy ways to up your game and improve results.

1. Spend more time doing keyword research 🔎

Google Keyword Planner holds a lot of powerful data. Imagine finding a product/service that potential customers are searching for every month (which you can provide), and none of your competitors are currently selling it… Wait, that might be the case!

Every month I find products and services which get regular searches, but no brands within the industry are currently advertising to sell them. Why do you think that is? If your answer was that they don’t do regular extensive keyword research: you’re 100% right.

Advertising for niché keywords provides lower CPCs, better conversion rates, and often means an increased order value as the customer cannot shop around.

2. Make your landing pages tell a story (without making it obvious) ✍️

Your landing page should tell a story. What that story is depends on your brand, but the message should always be the same: we offer the best product/service possible.

Think about what imagery you want your potential customers to see, and what order it should be in. The first image should offer the “wow” factor, and you can add more technical or gritty “before” imagery later.

With your advert copy you need to clearly tell them why they should use you. The text at the top of the page should be shorter and to the point (as to not lose the viewer’s focus), with more in-depth explanations lower down for those who want to read.

Make them emotionally invest in your brand. It could be because your product does something really unique, or because you’re a community focused business; give them something… anything that makes them want to spend their money with you.

3. Spend more time looking at competition 😈

Looking at competition can save a lot of money and time.

For example, if you’re thinking about launching an advert for a made-to-measure service and other brands are spending big-bucks advertising their off-the-shelf products for those keywords; it’s probably because people don’t want made-to-measure.

You may find that your competitors are morons and use Google’s automated adverts so their homepage is their landing page, or you may find every landing page is extremely intentional with lots of nuggets of information.

Additionally, if you can tailor your adverts and landing pages to have subtle shots at your competition it’ll likely help you edge them out further in the consumers’ decision process.

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