3 reasons why we’re making an SMMA killer 🐝🔪

In April I wrote an article about why SMMA’s are an awful business to start. Well guess what? We’ve made our own.

With packages that start from just £20, we’re aiming for affordability above all else. Our new SMMA brand is called Social Bees, & its aim is to target the millions who have started businesses & brands with no experience in graphic design or branding. Professional social media posts, adverts & profiles made affordable.

So why would we venture into this space?

1. As an existing digital marketing company, this is just the cherry on our cake 🍒

As existing digital marketers with clients already, our expenses are already covered. Therefore we can price extremely low. Social media posts & ads don’t have to take a long time, something attractive can be designed in minutes with our level of experience.

As experienced marketers who can create good content quickly whilst understanding what clients want to post; it seems like a great service to provide small business owners.

2. We’re experienced with non-sexy businesses… Some might even call it our speciality 💩

Most SMMAs don’t know what to do with a plumbing company’s social media, or a scrap metal recycling company, or a toilet hire business; whereas this is where we thrive.

It’s easy to think of content for a SAAS business, tech firm or fashion brand. It’s much more difficult to think of content for the more common industries which make up the majority of small businesses in the UK.

I started my career marketing a boiler installation company, & my career defining moment has been marketing toilet cubicles; so it’s safe to say I’m experienced in non-sexy industries. Since then our team has taken a variety of industries under our wing.

3. We know return-on-investment with social media is hard… So we made our SMMA really cheap 💵

Professionally designed content shouldn’t break the bank, which is why our weekly content service is only £20 per month.

We also offer Facebook Ads for those looking for extended reach & brand awareness, which starts from £50 (including advertising budget). Why so cheap? Because this is designed to be a competitor to newspaper ads & mailshots.

Interested? Visit socialbees.uk to get started. Yes, your agency can outsource to us.

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