Could creating worker unions be the next big side-hustle? 👀

With large corporations regularly coming under scrutiny for failing to look after their employees – & this having no influence on consumer buying habits – it looks like the amount of worker unions available may see growth in the near future.

Unions are to:

  • Help employees negotiate fairer work contracts.
  • Provide employees with a more effective way to negotiate with their employer.
  • Help keep companies accountable when unethical business practices take place.

Unions aren’t just about negotiating a better salary.

For example, my friend recently had overtime pay scrapped by his employer, and they instead offered to pay for his lunch if he worked the extra day. As a large company with training facilities they’re able to abuse their power over trainee employees who need to build their CV.

Unions look to prevent this from happening, such as ensuring employees are fairly compensated for their hours.

A company as big as Amazon could easily hold multiple unions for employees. It’s something Amazon are aware of, & isn’t particularly comfortable with. Amazon notoriously made a video for managers promoting their anti-union philosophy & providing tools to spot & prevent employees banding together.

So, how can this become a side-hustle?

  • Selling a union subscription in exchange for your services.
  • Organising employee events.
  • Creating ways for employees to increase compensation through spin-off ideas for the business. Such a manufacturer allowing employees to sell their own products, or a garage letting employees sell scrap batteries.
  • Union merch.

In small businesses employees can talk directly to the company owner & discuss ideas. If the owner decides to ignore what the employees say it’s up to them to face these consequences.

Companies generally oppose unification as they believe it creates an “us vs them” mentality within businesses, which can be true. However, in large businesses employees eventually lose their identity & become a number for HR & accounts to discuss. Unification allows them to claim their identity again & instigate change.

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