3 tools for streamlining your digital brand 🏎

If you have a digital brand, you may be looking to streamline wherever possible to improve productivity and reduce mistakes. Here are 3 tools I’ve used to help improve my own digital brands & buy myself more free time.

Square – for taking payment or selling products 💰

Square is probably the easiest to use online payment system I’ve experienced. After creating your account you can easily produce custom payment links in minutes with images, custom fields & more.

The transaction fees are smaller than Shopify, & all major card types are accepted.

Typeform – for quote requesting ✏️

Your customers won’t want to fill out a 20 step form to help you provide them with a more accurate quote… Unless you use Typeform.

From making engaging and eye-catching designs, to using logic jumps so the Typeform changes its questions depending on what the potential customer inputs; Typeform is much more than just an expensive contact form.

You can use the form system for quoting for home refurbishment work, or you could use it to increase efficiency when dealing with clients by putting the typical questions you have to ask within it. There are a lot of possibilities with Typeform.

I usually suggest using a boring form system to collect contact details, and then redirecting to the Typeform after they input these details in. That way if they don’t complete their quote you can always follow up.

Slack – for colleague communication 💌

Email can easily become cluttered with messages from all parties; clients, couriers, colleagues, etc.

Slack is a messenger platform for communicating with colleagues, eliminating the need for internal emails. You create a “Workplace” and invite team members. Those not in the workplace cannot access your messages, and you can easily message anyone within your workplace.

A simple concept which can be achieved on platforms like Messenger, but Slack’s closed group focus eliminates the other distractions and adds more freedom for sharing files.

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