The problem with influencer owned/ran brands…

I’m trying to muster up the courage to do another influencer profile. This one will be on Logan Paul, following my analysis of Jake Paul. One thing that’s struck me since doing all of these influencer profiles is that they all have one thing in common; influencers have a very poor attention span for their business ventures.

In my Jake Paul article I break down at least 9 businesses he began & abandoned, & Logan has had a similarly high number of failed ventures. Considering 10 years ago the app that would launch their careers (Vine) wasn’t even created, this is a pretty impressive amount of ideas to kill.

Even influencers who are more respectable like Ali Abdaal appears to have moved on from what was once his main business focus, his company 6med which offers resources for aspiring medical students. In Ali’s defence, he hasn’t abandoned the business & is still a director of the company, but for the first time he didn’t mention the business in his 2021’s earnings video; indicating a permanent shift in his entrepreneurial focus.

So why is this?

In my opinion there’s 2 common reasons why an influencer moves on from their business venture:

  1. It no longer aligns with their audience interests, such as in the case of Ali Abdaal – which is completely fair.
  2. It no longer is new or exciting, which I think is true for the Paul brothers.

Businesses shouldn’t simply come & go like that. Not only is it an awful thing to do for the employees of said businesses, but it also is bad for consumers.

For example, when Logan Paul abandons his NFT projects there’s big financial consequences. Both Dink Doink & Crypto Zoo has dropped significantly in value.

It seems like influencers believe these projects will provide a get rich quick opportunity, & then when it requires more than few months of work they lose interest. After all, why would they spend months to make $500,000 when they can make $100,000 in a few days from a brand deal.

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