The resurgence of Logan Paul: Goofy marketing genius, or still a man-child? 🐦🧃

Similarly to his brother, Logan Paul is a global name at this point. From the highs of fighting Floyd Mayweather, to the lows of the backlash documenting a suicide in Japan; since rising to fame through the social media app Vine he’s certainly managed to stay in the limelight for one reason or another.

Whilst his brother Jake seems have become busier in his business moves than in his influencer career, Logan continues to be a content creator first.

Since his controversy in 2018 Logan Paul has managed to rehabilitate his public image. However, his business decisions may suggest he’s not a fully changed man.

The clever business mind of Logan Paul 🐦

At the moment Logan’s current business focuses seem to be (outside of making videos & podcasts):

  • Prime – A drinks company which he co-founded along with former rival YouTuber KSI.
  • The Maverick Club – His exclusive content platform.
  • Liquid Marketplace – His marketplace for owning fractional shares in physical collectibles.
  • Being a WWE wrestler.
  • Whatever his current NFT project of choice is – at the time of writing it’s 99 Originals.

I specify current businesses because in recent years Logan has also been a successful boxer & a Pokémon card collector. However, his attention seems to have moved from these things… Which we’ll come back to.

The crypto failures of Mr Paul 🃏

Logan’s most controversial business ventures have been his crypto projects, & for good reason. Whilst the projects are promoted as investments for his viewers, all have failed.

When doing Pokémon unboxing videos he also released his Box Breaker NFT which featured a cartoon version of Logan as a collectible for the event. Whilst this has gone down in value, it was also transparent in being completely a speculative concept.

The YouTuber promoted a project called Dink Doink, which was a South Park copycat (which he drew the original cartoon character for) with an accompanying token & NFTs. The project was made by one of Logan’s friends who at the time lived at his home.

Logan never publicly revealed his full involvement in the project outside of voice acting for one episode of the cartoon, & after initially giving it public attention he has since moved on.

Dink Doink is currently failing to gain any traction. The NFT side of Dink Doink has had a measly £2.5k in transactions, with a total of 31 owners.

His main crypto project was CryptoZoo. After Logan hyped the NFTs up & implied having larger, longterm goals for the project it’s since gone stale.

The art was exposed for being stock photography photoshopped together, & as a result Logan stopped promoting it. Which was pretty shocking considering on his podcast he spoke about the idea as if it was an extensive game which he put his heart & soul into

So there we have 3 separate occasions that Logan Paul created a crypto project that’s failed to increase in value. As a result, early adopters (likely his friends & business partners) walked away with a decent profit thanks to Logan’s initial push, but his fans were left with a loss.

He recently announced a new project called 99 Originals, an NFT project based on 99 polaroid images Logan took across 99 days. Whether this project will actually be a longterm play or a fleeting moment will only be found out with time… But his track record certainly indicates it’ll be forgotten in a years time.

Logan clearly wants this latest NFT to work & has released a full trailer for it on his YouTube… Something he didn’t do for prior projects. According to his podcast a full documentary for the project will also be in the works.

However, keep in mind 99 Originals may also just be a way for Logan to effectively promote his collectibles marketplace, Liquid.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that Logan Paul also pushed the World of Women NFT collection. He took ownership calling it his “baby” in a podcast on April 26th. Since then, the value has dropped approximately -75%.

What does Logan Paul’s business ventures say about him? 🥴

Whilst Logan’s drinks company seems promising, he seems to impulsively jump from idea-to-idea without staying with one concept long enough to see it full realised.

His boxing career is a good example of this. Yes he fought Floyd Mayweather, but after this was done & he sufficiently capitalised he has now moved on, despite initially implying an interest in becoming one of the biggest ticket sellers in boxing.

His 99 Originals NFT project frames him as a passionate photographer… Something Logan hasn’t really been vocal about or publicly explored before. Are we really supposed to believe Logan Paul will be a professional photographer because he spent less than half a year taking photos for an NFT project?

It seems he’s more interested in the financial incentives that these ventures bring rather than being passionate about the concept.

Since his 2018 controversy Logan has been a boxer, a drinks company founder, a podcaster, a collectibles expert, a crypto hype man, a photographer, a mockumentary film maker, a video game designer, a fashion designer & probably a bunch of other titles I can’t remember.

Influencers like Logan are great marketers, & you almost wish that instead of burning through business ideas they’d collaborate with a company like Apple who could provide numerous amounts of devices for them to experiment with & inspire others using.

Feel free to revisit this article in a year when Logan has made 99 Originals a huge success & was telling the truth about it being his “swan song” to tell me I was an idiot.

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