“ToozerLiving” / Tony Matusiak: Dropshipping prodigy or fake news? 🧃

Mindlessly scrolling through TikTok I came across a typical “business bro” video showing someone (in this case “Tony Matusiak”) go from being a college student to travelling the world in less than a minute.

What struck me was that he wasn’t selling a course on dropshipping according to the comments (he was), so I thought I’d have a look at the businesses featured in his TikTok to see what amazing products were making him such large sums of money.

In his videos we see 4 businesses:

  • “Biostraw” – A foldable straw with a case.
  • “Galaxy Lamps” & “Astron” – Starlight projector brands.
  • “Happy Slides” – Sliders/slippers.
  • & more such as makeup, shower heads, a lamp brand, but I couldn’t see the brand names in his TikTok.

So where are they now?

Biostraw 🧃

Biostraw is featured throughout ToozerLiving’s TikTok, & he often talks as if it was a breakout product of his.

Despite this alleged huge success, Biostraw has completely gone from the internet… Aside from its TikTok page.

Its TikTok page had a whopping 3 followers & 20 likes, so that’s good.

I think it’s safe to say that an overpriced reusable straw probably won’t sell well, & the cost of advertising per sale is probably greater than your profit if you price fairly.

Galaxy Lamps & Astron 🔮

Galaxy Lamps seems to be nothing special, but has a decent amount of engagement (13.2k likes). Whilst it’s probably generated a good amount of revenue, I find it hard to believe it makes more than £1k per month profit.

Astron is a very different story as it seems to be thriving.

A starlight projector essentially puts lots of pretty lights on your ceiling. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but I guess it makes some people happy.

Whilst I can’t find the exact projector, it looks like the projectors are around $18.50, & they’re selling them for $69.99 (a rather lot of them, too).

Happy Slides 🩴

Happy Slides only has 3540 followers, with 374 likes. Whilst this enagement is fine for a small business, it’s not reflective of a dropshipping store that is paying for you to travel the world (as stated in his video).

Based on this engagement & that the account hasn’t posted since October 2021 I’m going to assume it’s been a flop (get it? flip flop… like a slider).

So, is ToozerLiving legit? 🥴

After going through @toozerliving’s TikTok & suffering from brain-rot, I’m still not 100% sure what he is.

Whilst the Astron brand is featured in the first TikTok I saw, it’s not featured anywhere else, whereas Biostraw is featured throughout. This leaves me to believe that he bought an Astron projector to get inspiration for his own starlight projector brand, Galaxy Lamps.

I imagine Galaxy Lamps started off selling those moon lamps all the dropshippers used to sell, but he then pivoted following bad results to do starlight projectors with some success.

So is he a dropshipping genius? No.

Now I hear you screaming on the other side of the screen “BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE VIDEOS OF HIS STORE’S BACKEND ANALYTICS??”. I’m going to guess he’s logged into someone else’s store, maybe whoever actually owns Astron, or maybe someone’s course he’s taken.

Ultimately he’s just another ecommerce guru looking to sell a course on how to do something they probably haven’t done themselves.

Where did the money come from then? Who knows, maybe he took a course on credit card hacks & got a $20k limit to travel with.

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