What I’m working on at the moment: businesses, projects & hobbies ðŸ’¡

In 2021 I wrote an article breaking down the 7 projects I was working on at the time & a lesson from each, so I thought I’d do the same for this year. Underneath 2022’s projects I’ll do a breakdown of what happened to each of 2021’s projects & where they are now.

My Bathroom Furniture Brand 🛀

Probably the most exciting project I’m working on currently is my bathroom furniture & decor brand. Initially I wanted to cover all types of furniture, but for now it proves more profitable to focus on 1 room (bathrooms) & to eventually consider expanding into other areas.

Whilst I won’t get into the nitty gritty, we’re doing some really exciting things like complimentary VR & AR bespoke bathroom designs to help clients visualise their project.

We also have a couple of ecommerce brands launching in the next couple of months.

It’s grown very quickly & lots is constantly changing on a month-by-month basis.

Lesson learnt: Persistence is key. Just because something doesn’t work immediately doesn’t mean you can’t fix it in the future.

Our Digital Marketing Agency 📊

My brother & I are still running our digital marketing agency & have recently hired a new employee. She’s brought a lot of new creative energy to the agency & is picking up a lot of new skills very well.

Lesson learnt: Just because past employees haven’t been a good addition doesn’t make all employees a write-off.

Our Micro-Agency 👨🏻‍💻

Since I last wrote about our micro-smma it had an amazing few months from November to February, but I since took my foot off the pedal due to being overly busy. However, now we have a new employee who is handling new projects, now is a good time for me to jump right back on the horse.

The agency has now expanded to cover pretty much all a small businesses marketing needs, & I look forward to seeing how people respond to the packages we offer.

Lesson learnt: Don’t take your foot off the pedal… But mental health does come first.

Our Pub Reviewing Website 🍻

Probably the most important website is of course our pub reviewing website where we go from one pub to another reviewing specific criteria. It’s a really fun project I love doing with friends, & it really brings us closer together.

Lesson learnt: Projects with friends bring you closer.

This Blog & its Books ✏️

I continue to write here, of course. I’ve started several book ideas over the last year & scrapped them as they just haven’t been a good enough quality. One of these books I’ll definitely turn into a short story for the website.

Lesson learnt: Probably publish everything, even the shit stuff.

What happened to 2021’s projects…

1. Affiliate Marketing Watches ⌚️

After making a really good amount of money doing affiliate marketing on Casio G-Shocks, they banned me because obviously I was marketing them too hard. Typical, but at least I made several hundred pound before they noticed.

2. A Wedding RSVP Website 💒

I made a website for people to RSVP to my sister’s wedding, which then turned the RSVPs into a spreadsheet to help organise her caterers. This went really well, & her wedding was a huge success.

I still need to write a breakdown of how that website worked exactly… Also I failed to screenshot the design which would have been really good to include.

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