The biggest & most common issues I see with small brands’ marketing 📉

I recently parted ways with a client because they weren’t paying their bills. After we told them that we could no longer sustain working for them without payment, they decided to say that their ads weren’t providing a sufficient return on investment.

I found this troubling, as the month before I managed to get them an enquiry for around every £5.00 spent (including management costs), which if converted properly would have resulted in an average enquiry value of at least £200.00, & that’s forgetting repeat orders + remarketing opportunities.

£5.00 to get £200.00 seems like a fair trade to me! & £5.00 actually outperforms their industry averages by 22x.

His problem? Well, if I was to hazard a guess, he’s bad at sales!

Most clients who get lots of enquiries but complain about costs tend to have one very common problem: they are lazy with leads.

The following lazy practices will always result in sales falling through:

  • Only emailing leads once & never following up.
  • Taking days to contact leads.
  • Not wanting to talk to leads on the phone.

If you’re doing the above, then you can probably just replace your sales process with an automated email. Which, shockingly enough, is an awful idea!

We had another client get in touch & was investigating an issue with their marketing. It turned out their employees hadn’t been chasing any of the leads that came in through the website!

They’d had hundreds of people getting in touch, but the employees were assuming that their automatic emails they’d setup were going to somehow automatically convert these people into hot leads without any work.

If your process can be replaced by an automatic email, it’s a bad process.

As we go into economic uncertainty it’s as important a time as any to ensure that your marketing is in tip-top shape.

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