My starter kit for creating a brand 🧰

I talk to many people interested in starting a side-business or have ambitions bigger than their current day job, & a fair few ask for my advice on what they should do to get going.

So here’s a few things tools to make your idea into a reality.

Begin accepting payments with Square ⬛️

You can’t sell things without taking payment, but we live in a cashless world since 2020. You can use PayPal, but it looks less professional than accepting card payments.

Square allows you to take card payments.

You can send links for clients to checkout online, or buy a card reader & take payment in-person; it’s up to you.

Put yourself on the map… Literally with a Google Maps profile 📍

Nobody trusts a company with no online presence.

It can take a decent amount of time to show on Google search if you’re using a DIY website builder. Making a Google Maps listing is a much more efficient way of starting to show on Google.

Use Typeform for lead generation 📩

Typeform is the professional way of asking people the repetitive questions you ask every client. It minimises time, reduces human error & helps you look like the real deal.

WordPress or Shopify for your website 🖥

Simple & clean is absolutely fine for 99% of businesses. If you’ve got a nice WordPress website & are using Typeform to collect leads you’re better off than most businesses online.

Shopify is amazing for ecommerce stores. We’ve seen other agencies charge £10k for awful looking, bloated online shops – when their client could have just used a Shopify theme & paid £19.00 per month instead.

Gmail for business emails (of course) 📬

You don’t need a professional email to start making money. Whilst an email with a unique domain is preferable, to reduce startup costs it doesn’t hurt to use a @gmail email to get your first few clients.

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