Journalism is dead – Google News told me that WW3 was announced, it was an opinion piece by The Telegraph

Here’s my morning phone routine. Firstly, I turn off my iPhone’s sleep mode & go to the toilet. I proceed to look at YouTube, adding anything I want to listen to during the day to my watch later list before moving over to Google Chrome.

I scroll down the news articles on the discovery section, looking for anything of note. One morning I see this:

Russia has not declared war on Britain. This is an opinion piece by Richard Kemp, who theorises on Putin’s plans in a cold war against the UK.

It’s all theory, but appears on Google News besides non-opinion pieces like the weather & the daily stock market updates.

The news is broken. When opinion sits beside fact without any way of differentiating the two, we must rethink what role journalism plays. Should journalists be engaging in such gorilla marketing tactics to increase clicks?

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