Ye (Kanye West) is trying to become publicly executed – & everyone is okay with it.

Ye is one of the most decorated artists of the last 100 years. He also is an inventor (believe it or not) & business tycoon. He is, without a doubt, one of the most influential humans in recent memory.

So, why would he be celebrating nazis? Why would someone that celebrates freedom of speech as much as Ye want to celebrate oppression?

Well there’s a very easy explanation which nobody wants to discuss; he wants to die.

Kanye West has lost everything. He’s lost his friends, he’s lost his family & even his business has been taken from him. He’s even lost his name (by choice). All he has left is his voice.

Based on the symbolism surrounding Ye at the moment, I think it’s a very real possibility he’s looking to be killed (or crucified, if you will).

It’s worth remembering that Jesus wasn’t crucified for his actions, he was crucified for his words. Specifically, he was crucified for threatening the temple. Similarly, Ye is seeing a public execution of sorts for threatening the media.

As celebrities & the media celebrates his downfall I think it’s important to remember that we could be witnessing someone who has given up on life. If the media didn’t prop him up to laugh at him, we wouldn’t be paying attention, he’d just be another artist who fell victim to their own success. Instead, he’s forced on a stage to be mocked & made an example of.

& unfortunately, in Ye’s distorted mind, he thinks this means he’s set for a bigger purpose. He potentially thinks he’s meant to become a sacrificial lamb to expose the corruption of the system.

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