Joshua Mayo: Side-hustle genius or another fake hustle-tuber? 🤝🤷‍♂️

If you’re looking to start a side-hustle & escape working for “the man” – Joshua Mayo is probably the YouTuber for you. His content mostly revolves around passive income & side-hustle ideas, offering strategies to make as much as you do during your day job in your spare time. Often the ideas are so lucrative on paper that they could just fully replace your full income – he’s just that good.

Joshua’s problem is that whilst his ideas are ambitious & technically sound, he never explores them to test if they’ll work.

Who is Joshua Mayo, & why is he teaching me about side-hustles? 🫙

Car salesman turned web developer, Joshua built his income building websites using WordPress (we have something in common Joshua!) before pivoting to become a finance YouTuber in pursuit financial freedom.

Joshua’s first successful videos were centred around ETFs, with his first big success coming from a video focusing on wealth building, & then adding side-hustles to his content which only further grew his following.

Reviewing some of Joshua’s ideas 🤨

I cannot speak on Joshua’s investing advice as I do not have enough experience to judge it properly. However, I can speak on his side-hustle ideas, as most of them are pretty much micro-business ideas.

Firstly, let’s take a look at his “#1 Work from Home Business for any Beginner”… 👕

Mr Mayo thinks there’s a goldmine in selling print-on-demand products through Etsy. All you need to do is make some clothing designs on Prinitify, connect it to Etsy, & print some money!

In the video we get a good tutorial showing how to design the clothing on Printify & how to publish to Etsy, but this is where the video ends. Joshua says he’ll do a follow up showing him launching the clothing brand he suggests in the video, so any issues I have with lack of content may be answered in the follow up.

The biggest problem with the video is that it neglects the difficulties of marketing.

From experience, getting your first 10 sales on Etsy is very difficult. You also need to get reviews, which is a massive pain. I actually bought my Etsy orders bottles of wine & beers for every order at first & STILL not every customer left a review.

If the Mayo-man is successful in his Etsy store I’ll be very impressed, but I feel like this is a doomed concept.

Summing up why Joshua’s ideas are so bad with his “Side Hustles to Replace Your Day Job Without a Degree” 🦶

Here’s the 5 ideas he lists:

  1. Real Estate Bird Dog: Which is scouting property investment opportunities & telling investors about them for a reward of between $500 – $1000.
  2. Mattress Flipping: Buying old mattresses & selling for roughly $500 – $800.
  3. Answer Questions Online: If you’re a professional in a certain industry you can answer questions online from people for upwards of $5 per question.
  4. Skip Rental & Waste Removal: Renting skips for between $300-$1200 per day. & waste removal, as well.
  5. Amazon Copywriter: Write descriptions for Amazon products.

Of the ideas the only “side-hustles” are answering paid questions online & doing Amazon product descriptions, with the rest being actual business ideas.

Whilst the ideas presented are theoretically sound, Mr Mayo never expands enough on them to give them enough real life merit.

Mattress flipping & waste removal businesses require a solid marketing plan to make them feasible. That’s everything from the advertising, to the branding, to the customer experience. Without knowing this, the ideas are completely irrelevant.

He just glazes over these ideas & how much money you might be able to make without explaining how you’d launch these businesses. Each idea would need its own video with actual proof of it being a good opportunity.

Mattress flipping in particular sounds like a really tricky industry to infiltrate, especially as you’re selling used mattresses.

If you were to follow Joshua’s advice & buy a skip using a credit card for however many thousand pounds, you completely neglect to budget for insurance or advertising costs. You simply wouldn’t succeed, because why would someone trust you over a more reputable company?

If Joshua wants to actually prove these are good ideas he needs to do them, not just talk about them. Anything can be a good idea on paper, it’s the execution that makes it successful.

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