3 changes I made to supercharge my brand’s marketing in 2022 ⚡️

Things were pretty crazy in 2022 for my home decor brand XIV, here’s a few of the ideas I tried which resulted in the biggest improvement to efficiency, conversions or average order value.

1. Creating Better Quotes 💷

I recently upgraded to Square Invoices Plus which allows me to create multiple pricing options in one quote. This means I reduce the back & forth with quotes massively, & show upsell options from the first quote rather than having to do constant amendments.

I can see when the quote is viewed, which then allows me to know when to follow up (rather than guessing) & how to phrase my email.

Additionally, it looks much more professional, which helps gain client trust.

2. Improving Imagery 📸

I recently managed to add a GIF to a landing page, which resulted in the conversion rate increasing by an extra 10%, which is great as I was already seeing great conversion rates on the ads already.

It’s worth remembering that the quality of the images is essential. You can’t just chuck a stock GIF on a website & expect it to boost sales.

3. Buying a Van 🚐

Whilst a new addition, I’ve been hiring vans for many months now.

Having a van allows me to have greater flexibility with deliveries, keeps things easier logically & means I can fulfil larger orders.

Additionally, it’s an actual asset which increases the brand’s worth.

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