How writing helps my wellbeing

From a young age I was passionate about writing. As a child I hand-wrote small books (which were essential rip-offs of Harry Potter), as a teenager I wrote articles about gaming, and as an adult writing advertising copy is part of my day-to-day life. Despite it being a vital aspect of my job, my love of the craft hasn’t hindered.

I use writing very similar to how others use meditation; once I begin typing everything seems to fade into the background and my thoughts begin to become clear. Whilst others consider writing an essay to be a chore, I’ve found it to be my way of escaping the noise of reality.

Additionally, outside of writing, seeing my audience grow with the releases of my articles and books has been very gratifying.

This year I was very proud to release my first two books, and I have plans for at least three more going into 2020 (although whether I finish writing them is another story). Both books did very well in their own right; with one managing to reach the top 50 best sellers list for Kindle books on Marketing & Sales in the UK (also getting top 10 for the Websites category), and the other reaching the top 50 for the Advertising category on the paperback chart.

This blog has also been a huge personal achievement, racking up over 5,500 views on my articles by the time the year closes.

Most of all, it’s just great to see my advice (through both the books and articles) helping business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs improve their marketing.

If 2020 has reiterated anything to me, it’s the importance of self-love and ensuring you do whatever helps your personal wellbeing. For me, it’s writing, and I look forward to creating even more content going into 2020.

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