The verdict is in: Ali Abdaal isn’t actually that clever 🧠

I recently covered Ali Abdaal in an article & his many products that make over £2m in revenue annually. I concluded that whilst Ali could be misguided in his business strategy, he actually might be smart enough to make the next big brand in the influencer industry (a resource centre for all things influencer).

Well, I’ve changed my mind following his latest video where he sits down with fellow YouTuber Elizabeth Filips. They eat food & discuss quitting medicine, & why it’s a good or bad decision.

Elizabeth feels as if becoming a doctor is a noble pursuit & one that would give her fulfilment, so doesn’t want to quit. Ali believes his impact as a YouTuber will be greater than if he is employed as a doctor.

Here’s some of the things that were said:

Ali Abdaal’s very weird logic about saving lives 💀

Ali stated that the average doctor only saves 7 lives in their career. He believes he’s saving more lives by not being a doctor because:

  • … if he donates 10% of revenue to a specific charity, it would result in more than 7 lives being saved. Not sure why he couldn’t donate & be a doctor. Or what that study he was citing actually defined as “saving a life”.
  • … his YouTube has apparently prevented people killing themselves (more than he would save as a doctor, apparently). Of course no fans would lie to Ali for attention, would they? Learning how to study effectively for exams definitely seems like the kind of thing that would genuinely prevent suicide & there’s nowhere else online offering this information… Oh, wait.

Ali Abdaal’s logic about enjoyment 🥳

According to Ali, if you find your career isn’t fun, you should do a different one.

The thing is, most doctors in the UK are smart enough to do a different career that pays much more & is a lot less stress. Why don’t they do that instead? Or why don’t they just move to private healthcare as their stress would decrease & earnings improve without pursuing a different career? Because they know how important their role is in society, not because being surrounded by illness & death is enjoyable.

How Ali’s thoughts reflect his distorted reality 🪞

Ali chose not to be a doctor because he doesn’t want to be one, & that’s fine. What shocked me is how he performs mental gymnastics to cope with the guilt of not being a doctor anymore.

The way Ali approaches this life choice by essentially comparing the impact of a YouTuber to a doctor is baffling to me. It boils down to, “If I make X through this fun career & donate Y to this charity, I can live my best life without compromising my social impact.”

The thing is, that’s not how life works at all. Ali not being a doctor during a pandemic (& taking the spot of a potential doctor at med school) could have resulted in a patient being ignored due to staff shortages, who was then not diagnosed for a condition that later results in their death. It’s completely anecdotal, but that’s how his logic works, too.

He just seems to cite random studies & books as if it makes him sound smart, when in reality he just sounds ignorant & out of touch.

This weird logic supports that Ali’s business approach is probably extracted from someone’s book (as his strategy is very generic for Silicon Valley), & that he may not be seeing the world for what it is. He likely thinks that the demand for his YouTube course is a lot bigger than it is because his understanding of demand & his believed significance in the world is a bit skewed.

Ali, you were replaceable as a doctor & your YouTube course isn’t that special either. There are several courses on becoming a YouTuber from more successful creators. Either increase your output & diversify or expect to find that 6med is the only profitable platform you own in 10 years.

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  1. […] Additionally, in his video with Elizabeth Filips where they discuss his decision to leave medicine we see Ali in a different light. Ali attempts to justify leaving medicine to become an influencer & how it not only gives him more joy than being a doctor, but also allows him to save more lives in the long run. The logic is flawed, & indicative of his gullible & often overly literal nature when learning information through studies or books by people he respects. I speak more on the subject if you click on this article, which I wrote after the first version of t… […]


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