Drop shippers love COVID-19…

Following my recent article about how drop shipping is ruining Amazon, I thought I’d write an article about what else drop shippers are up to…

COVID-19 has proven to be a nightmare for pretty much everyone, and I’m bored of hearing about it in the news, quite frankly. However, it does give me great pleasure to find at least some entertainment in the whole situation.

The subject of this article is a drop shipping website called “5econds” (that tries to disguise itself as a genuine online shop), which appears to sell products from AliExpress.

Their product catalogue includes:

  • “Orthopaedic Sandals” for $36.49 – which I managed to find on AliExpress for around $8
  • A magnetic cable for $7.99 – which I found on AliExpress for $0.69
  • A “Premium Personal Pocket Bag” for $34.99 – which is available on AliExpress for $7.71
  • & more products from AliExpress.

5econds claim that they “search the world so you can find products you love in 5 seconds”. Which is interesting, because not only have they not searched the world for their uninspiring online store, but I also doubt you’ll love their cheap shit even for 5 seconds.

The cream of 5econds’ muddy milk, though, is their beautiful response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Following the pandemic, they’ve decided to begin selling masks (which look like dust masks), with the claim that their masks protect against viruses and pollutants.

They’re selling the masks for $36.99, which you can get from AliExpress for $5.90.

Drop Shipping Masks

Realistically, these masks aren’t going to be particularly functional. However, considering you can buy a proper dust mask from reputable brands for around the same price or less, an oblivious person may assume that it’s a good quality product.

5econds exploits the coronavirus for the sales of its mask, showing a map of the world and where coronavirus has spread to. The masks they sell, though, are likely ineffective against the virus (as they’re for dust inhalation). Additionally, the site mentions one of the selling points for the mask is that it’s washable and reusable, but the World Health Organisation explicitly states masks should not be reused.

An excellent use of misinformation for the sale of a shitty product.

Luckily Google have restricted adverts for masks on Search, but that doesn’t stop brands like 5econds from plastering display adverts for their masks on sites like YouTube and other websites/apps.

If you’re a marketer, consider this an example of exactly how you shouldn’t try to sell your products.

Please keep in mind I have decided to not link the websites this article is about as I don’t want to promote them or what they do. I also don’t support the practice of drop shipping AliExpress tat… If you’re skilled enough at marketing to sell AliExpress rubbish, maybe consider selling something worthwhile.

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